How to save snapchat videos

SaveMySnaps is a popular app and answer of How to save snapchat videos used for snapchat user to save videos and photos which automatically disappear after few seconds of viewing. Now saving and sharing snaps, videos, and stories are too easy.

In this article, I will let you know how to save snapchat videos from SaveMySnaps apk step by step.

How to save snapchat videos

If you are in search to save snapchat video, then the solution is in front of you. Yes, we are talking about Download Apk for Snapchats. As it is easy to save photos, in the same way, it’s easy to save videos too.

How to save snapchat videos

Step By Step Guide to download Snapchat videos with savemysnaps

  1. Record your video by holding Red circle icon at the bottom mid for as long as you want
  2. your device will start recording.
  3. It will automatically stop after 10 seconds
  4. It will also stop when the video has reached 2.5MB
  5. Press the stop icon to stop recording Before automatically stop.
  6. when a “Saved!” message flashes across your screen, Your video is successfully saved.
  7. Go to your Camera Roll, Snapchat folder
  8. Check your Check your video folder, or another default folder to find the saved video.

See that is a very easy process to save any snapchat video.

Savemysnaps Features

There are many other amazing features in SaveMySnaps hack apk.

  • Change Drawing Colour
  • Change Caption Font
  • Choose Drawing Effect

But Video Captions/Drawings are in development. Hopefully, we’ll see this feature soon in Download SaveMySnaps apk for android. Sometimes you faced a problem that you forget to save video before you send, don’t worry it is posted as a story as well so you can still save it. From your Stories tab, then tap a snap video and then tap the down arrow that appears beside it to save it to your phone.

Save other user’s video

If you want to save another user’s video that they send you as a story, that is a little bit complicated but not much difficult. Because you will not see an arrow icon that is shown next to the other user’s video story to save or Download snapchat videos.

There are still a number of other approaches you may save different users’ video– some of which may work pretty nicely, or perhaps may not paintings at all. You may have to perform a little experimenting to discover for yourself.

The usage of a screencast app to capture what plays on your display screen (if you could locate any). Screencasts permit you to capture and save something that takes place on a display. They are famous for desktop computers for web hosting tutorials, every other visual display, and slideshows.

There is much other snap saver but it is not secure to use because some of these are snap hackers too. If they’re focused by means of hackers, they may gain get entry to in your login information, snapshots, and videos. It’s come about before, and it is precisely why snapchat has come down so hard on third-party apps.

Any of these apps that claim to currently work could stop running at any moment, so hold that during mind if they’re apps that you need to pay to use, or in the event that they offer in-app purchases.

So Download SaveMySnaps android apk as it is secure and easy to use who actually care about your privacy and security.




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